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System Requirements

Tecton's CLI and cloud deployment requirements are documented below. Please reach out to if there are any further questions.

CLI Requirements

Operating System

Tecton CLI requires Python 3.7 on all platforms.


Recent macOS versions are supported.


Recent Linux distributions of CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu are supported.


Note: Windows support is still in beta. Windows users can use WSL2. Installation instructions and setup can be found here. This requires Windows 10 and a build higher than version 18362. If your version is lower, first use the Windows Update Assistant to update your version of Windows.

Cloud Requirements

Deployment Model

See Deploying Tecton for an overview of Tecton's SaaS Deployment model. Please note that deployment is currently AWS-based. At this time, Tecton does not support Azure, or GCP. If your requirements are not supported, please contact our sales team to set up a discussion.

Compute Service


Tecton can be used in all AWS regions supported by Databricks. For more details on available regions, please refer to the Databricks documentation.


Tecton can be used in all AWS regions supported by EMR. For more details on regions and availability zones, please refer to the AWS documentation.